Why is An post taking so long to delivered the package?

Regular mail is usually delivered within 1-2 days after being posted by An Post.

There are mainly two type of delay which can impact on due of the parcel. The most common delays are due to incomplete, illegible, or incorrect addresses.

Other reasons for delay or delay in delivery include:

  • Items posted after the last pickup of the day
  • Difficult access to property
  • International mail handled by multiple post offices and customs brokers
  • Handling of prohibited items

If you have left a “sorry we missed you” notice indicating that an attempt was made to deliver to your address, please follow the instructions on the notice. If you do not receive it within 15 days, we recommend that you use the inquiry form or pick up the inquiry form at your local post office or delivery office.

Items posted after the last pickup of the day

If Item or parcel posted after last pick up day of any location which are not usually delivered so there will be possible delay because of the next picking up days.

Difficult access to property

If some time the property difficult to access the property or difficult to reach delivery address. Also some time the person is out of the city and their neighbor delivery intimation not get by the an post delivery person. that is also the main reason for the delay in delivery.

International mail handled by multiple post offices and customs brokers

If the parcel related to international services so it has to deal with the different service providers. May some service can delay because of the different service schedule and the shipment timing. Also some international mail flights can difficult to handle by the courier services. It may take some time in the custom clearing. All the prohibited item list checked and then it clear the different airport authorities of the different countries.

Handling of prohibited items

If you are sending any item which are in the list of prohibited items so your item will take some time for inspection also it can hold in between of the transit. You have to know about the prohibited list of the item so please visit on prohibited items list before to send the courier.

Drop-off points for returns

Do you want to return your shopping? Need to find your nearest drop-off point?

You can return your package to over 900 post offices, PostPoints and parcel lockers nationwide. Use our post office locator to find your local post office or PostPoint and to check its opening times.

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