How long does singpost take to deliver?

Ship with Singpost and access Singapore’s largest and most established delivery network. If you want to singpost be your business partner for all your local courier services. Singpost will deliver the item within 2 hours after confirmation. Singpost have different services have different delivery time availability which can used by the user as per their convenient.

Singpost deliver all addresses in Singapore from Monday to Saturday. Choose from the lowest prices, all inclusive for small packages, or choose the high speed courier service.

Singpost Local Delivery time

There are some services available in market for customer who are partner with the singapore postal services. Singpost local delivery have following different services and delivery time available for different type of work and package send by the user or customer of singapore post. Generally this local delivery services used by the companies who are regularly send the mail.

Speedpost Express  

Speedpost Express is deal for large Packages and cargo. The fastest way to ship high quality goods, with courier. This post express can delivered the package Within 2 hours after confirmation. This is the fastest way to delivered the courier service which provide by the singpost service called speedpost express.

Speedpost Priority  

It is the same as the speedpost express but only it can delivered the package on the Same working day. But it is as good as other services provided by the Singpost. On same working day is also good service.

Speedpost Standard  

Speedpost Standrd is the normal service as other provided or the normal delivery for the package which can delivered the courier or package in 1–2 working days.

Speedpost Economy  

Speed post economy slowest delivery provides by the singpost service because it can delivered the package between 3–5 working days which are very slowest delivery. Generally if your package is not as much important or the only conversation which you want to do on mail can use this speedpost economy service provide by the singapore post service.


Smartpac is suugest it self the smart work do in the package packing which can delivered the package on time which are heavy then usual. Generally this smartpac can used for those services only which are under weight 2kg or upto 2kg and who can delivred in 2-4 working days. Also you can tracked it like letter or mail.

Tracked Package

Tracked package is the same like smartpac services given by the Singapore post office service. All smartpac categories are lie in this service also. That is why it is the just the mirror image of smart pac. All delivery time, packaging terms, weight are as similar as Smartpac.

Basic Package

Smartpac and the tracked package are the same as the basic package but only one thing of basic pacakge is diffrent from the other. the package size should be like the letter box or fit into the letterbox. Means you can ready the package upto the 2kg weight which can easily put in to the letterbox.

Singpost local delivery time

Singpost International Delivery

If you want to send your package fast with low cost then you have to use the services provided by Singapore postal services. Singpost International delivery services can save your cost with fastest delivery time. If you running business the you need to know about the services provided by the International Singpost services. Singpost got an entire range of dependable global delivery choices to oblige all your shifted needs. Arrive at your worldwide customers and make your business worldwide today.

Singpost intenational Delivery

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