Singpost Returns Solutions

Singpost (Singapore Postal service) provides the facility to return the parcel if there is a problem or any unavoidable situation faced by the user to forced to return the parcel so they can easily do. Singpost return service is for them who are user of Singapore postal services.

What is the Singpost Return Service?

Increase Singpost customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty by providing a convenient and flexible way to return items. Return service is intended for Singpost customers or user who are regularly taking advantage of the services provided by the Singpost. Singpost return Process are smoothly and please to customers without impacting their business’s profitability. The main motto of the Singpost services is only to satisfy the cutomer do not disappoint them with any services.

How Singpost Return Service works?

There are following steps for the Singpost Return Service works. Only 4 Steps can solve the problem of any parcel return services.

Singpost Return Service Step-1

Customer drop off a returned item to post office in a proper packaging box

Singpost Return Service Step-2

Customer and Post office acknowledged the returns slip. Label is paste on the box and copy is given to the customer. Post Office to attach merchant and Singpost’s copies of the returns slip with the box

Singpost Return Service Step-3

Item are collected from the Post office and handed over to the Head quarter for scanning and processing.

Singpost Return Service Step-4

Courier delivers the item to merchant. Merchant acknowledges receipt on Singpost’s Copy.

There are another service available in the Singpost Parcel return service called POP Station.

POPStation-The New Singpost Return Service

Singpost customers can also return the parcel via more then 150 POPStations locakers availabe islandwide. With this returns solutions, Customer can get better service, convenience and Good customer retention ratio for growing business.

How the POPStation- The New Singpost return serice works?

POPStation Step-1

Scan the barcode printed on the parcel. You Will find the “Return my parcel” or redirect to this link.

POPStation Step-2

Now Enter your mobile number on the ezyReturn app and received the Pin.

POPStation Step-3

Enter the received ezyReturn Pin on the mobile.

POPStation Step-4

As you see in Image once you put pin into the system the parcel itself locked by the system and you will receive the Receipt which you can pint and received the masage.

POPStation is also a terrific option for Singpost user’s clients to pick up customer goods from their store at any time of day or night. Singpost user’s clients can start selecting a POPStation as their preferred delivery address with a simple API integration. Singpost User’s can lower their customer service costs and redelivery fees while also increasing client satisfaction during the purchasing process.

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