The latest Movie realese on OTT platform is Soorarai Pottru’s Hindi relase named ‘Udaan’ and it is released  on Amazon Prime on April 4 2021. Initially it released on 20th November 2020. South movies are always very well picturized then the Bollywood movie.  Always there is a spark in the south movie weather it is about story or about the the picturization.

The Cast of Soorarai Pottru’s (Udaan) movie

Actor/Actress name Movie Cast name
Surya Nedumaaran Rajangam
Aparna Balamurali Sundari
Paresh Raval Paresh Goswami
Dan Dhanoa Vimal Balaiyya
Urvashi Pechi
Mohan Babu Naidu
Prakash Belawadi Prakash babu

A Film which is based on the book “The Fly” looking  as simple movie but it is blockbuster.  Suriya plays Maara – the young fellow who pulls for a fantasy for the working class to fly a minimal effort carrier. That, not too far off, is the plot that is valued at 1,000,000 dollars of screen time. The colossal crowd reaction and being a fan behind it ensured it was a commendable film to be named to arrive at greater masses and in it’s hindi rendition, it is hoping to make a greater effect for the south star. “A common man with phenomenal dreams.” – peruses the inscription and we are snared.

This story is based on the real life of the common man Simplify Deccan founder G. R. Gopinath.  This story which is tell about the beyond the common man thinking which GR Gopinath done. The G.R Gopinath thinking about the common man can fly in the airplane at very low cost. Means lobar class people can fly with all other person.

What is the story of SOORARAI POTTRU ”Udan” ?

The Normal person maru have childhood dream top fly the plane and make the airline. So he join the Indian airforce unfortunately he hand his friend who are more talented they left the job of  airforce and make the idea of cheap airline. Maaru meets the airline king “Paresh raval” Paresh Goswami who refused the idea of the maaru to sell cheap airline tickets and cheap airline for the common man. He faced lots of problem during his dream but finally he get the chance to start the airline with the help of the his village people support with the ammount. His wife also support him very well in all the condition. His wife is running the Bakery business and it is her dream. Both are willing to do and fulfill their dream. His wife done it early but maaru forced to stop all the activities by the Paresh goswami king of airline. Paresh buy his all aircraft on lease before maru’s buy. paresh steal maru’s idea. But maru didn’t stop he made new airline which is light weight also it will take low fuel for fly. Finally he got dgca license to fly the airline. And he fly with the minister in his first flight but maaru pilot taken bribe by the paresh and suddenly maaru plane got fire.

Again he fails to fullfill his dream. But maaru take public supoport thourgh all india radio. Paresh giving interview on tv and try to not trust on Maaru’s airline but people support him when explain the people how the other airline not given chance to poor people to sit together with rich people.



Good about SOORARAI POTTRU Movie

  • The Best part of this movie is surya relate to the common man heart not only in the acting but the
  • Best acting by all the person in the movie.
  • Best story which relate to heart directly
  • Best picturization in story telling
  • Total movie is best over all.


  • The bad thing about the movie is Heroine can be good in the behavior the director going to create the difference  but public not liking it.
  • The Other person who send the money to maru is not realistic because he is not doing so much to them if it done in real but in movie there is less part shows in the movie.



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