Best Web Series Of All Time

Corona Virus creates panic and tension in between people. They really really got affected by it Physically and Mentally as well. Those who are not affected by Corona virus but they affected by Lock down. In this condition you have to free your mind at home with some terrific series which has been generally not noticed by other and they are easily available.

There are many platform on which you can satisfying your need to see some terrific web series which entertain you like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Hotstar disney, Mx Player, Ullu.


There are many series that may be better but more then enough entertainment available for the audience. Netflix now a days give you the best content for entertainment and you will fell that your money worth for the same. Here are some top 10 web series on netflix.

Stranger things web series

Stranger things is one of the most powerful story web series. It has been in 3 season and each season have 10 episodes but i would tell you won’t be bored by it. Please do not judge by the poster that it is based on kids movie but it is a teenager adventure and science fiction series which loved most. From the beginning to the end you will found yourself in the movie and you will feel like you are living in movie. Story is about the super power build by some experiment and the experiment goes the worst. Everybody think that will is dead joyce his mom try to connect with him. Other side the Eleven is the key to save the will.


Money Heist

Money heist is the most loved and watchable web series on Netflix and it is about he robbers (female robbers) which is rare and the unique then other stories. Money heist have 4 part in the web series and each part have more than 9 episodes.

Lost in Space 1,2,3

One of the best science fiction and space web series is Lost in space. Each and every thing in this web series is just a perfect. I have seen martin and gravity which are in the comparison with it but found content more in the lost in space. Lost in space story is about the space colony called alpha centory. And the robinsons family is try to save all in space and help them to travel on alpha centory. All the time they get stucked but one Allien which is look like the robert was help them. Really good content in the Netflix this series. waiting for the upcoming season.

Sex Education 1,2

Sex education is the basic subject now a days and it should be shown to all teenager who are over 14. they have to learn about the body changes also the real information which they can not discuss with their friends and parents. Sex education is the perfect example of the teenager behavior about the sex and myth which they grab from the market.



Daredevil is marvel web series but not that good as the marvel content which are the super hero trending in the market. Dare devil the story about the lost eye boy who have some power of listening which is more than the eye power.

Lock N Key

A Key house is beautiful among the city and the key holder family found too much adventure at theirs forefather house. Many suspense and beautiful

Lucifer 1,2,3,4,5

Lucifer is story about hell king who bored with his life of hell and want to spent his life with humans. He have tremendous power but one police officer some how he don’t want comes in his life. He is feeling love with her but felt that hell king don’t believe in love. Other side hell king father send his brother to take lucifer back to home (Hell) any how. Lucifer brother is following up lucifer life of earth. Here Lucifer is busy with his love to solve all the cases of Police department.

Another life


Another life is again Netflix creates the best Space series which you love to see. There is only 1 Season available on netflix but i am sure you love to see it if you have passion to see about the adventures. Another life story about the Space and earth  where the aliens have attacked with some extra ordinary space ship. And the earth have only one ship to find out what that alien ship needed. Some how one family husband- wife are scientist and both wanted to save the planet earth. Wife is on the ship caption which not acceptable to crew members. Husband is some how break the communication code which is done by alien ship and earth. Alien ship why come on the earth how the earth people find the reason behind their visit.

Chilling Adventure of Sabrina


Chilling Adventure of subrina is story of half witch and half human girl who don’t want to spend her life with witch academy and the dark lord. She want his life with the human to continue. There are many adventures comes in her life she is facing with bravery. Too many conspiracy happen against the subrina but some how she manage with his aunts and family. She lost his family but don’t know how. Please see the sabrina for more details there are 3 season on netflix and each have 9 to 10 Episodes.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is not leading Web Entertainment portal but it is near to Netflix but not more than it.  Amazon try their best but not upto the mark compare to Netflix. there are many web series on Amazon prime.


Breath In to the shadows


Family man


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