Movie Review: The Room 2019

A couple who recently sifted to small town which is not very much known. Suddenly the Husband matt found his house the murderer house whose son killed his parents. His wife katt is upset about his 2 miscarriage which happen already during marriage life. Matt and Kett both need the same but they unable to done. Now matt is also upsets and he found one strange strange room in their new house that room grants material wishes, whichever it may be which can fullfill all the other their wishes. Both husband wife are happy with the room enjoying lot. but suddenly his wife want is a child from the room. Till matt want solve the room puzzle how it is made. And how it is doing all the things, but unable to solve the puzzle. Matt meet the previously murdered family killer. He found he was also the same like his son which generated by the room.  What happen next for this you have to see movie otherwise suspense will be over. Good movie not that much but good. This movie is available on Amazon prime in 8 language.

Initial release: September 19, 2019 (Russia)
Director          : Christian Volckman
Language        : English
Screenplay      : Christian Volckman, Éric Forestier
Producers        : Yael Fogiel, Laetitia Gonzalez

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