Easy Real Techniques For Thinking

In our life daily base we use many techniques for easy our work and looking cool after that if it is work. Each person have their own techniques to understand the situation or work in daily life. For More understanding we divide these techniques 4 step.

  1. Universal techniques
  2. Heritage techniques
  3. New Generation techniques
  4. Smart techniques

Universal techniques:

Universal techniques are famous in all techniques because it is always the 1st techniques to understand or complete the work. Whenever any type of work and situation created in your mind it had already created earlier in somewhere elase mind and their should be the way already created to complete that work. it means any work or situation completion way already created and that is called most famous universal technique used by 90% people of the earth.

Heritage techniques

Heritage Techniques not that much famous but it used by many people whose forefather are smart enough and using different techniques for any job ,the daily work or a very special work sometime but it natural. Heritage techniques are using by intelligent people who are doing something different from others.

New Generation techniques

It is the used by maximum no a days techniques by the new generation people who are smart and thinking is different from the their past generation also it will be done by those who have different opinions from their parents also from the relatives. they just trying to be different form the other so they do it. Sometime it is very useful and different form other but sometime it will be worst and not only change the work but also destroyed it.

Smart techniques

Smart techniques are used by only very few people but it will be the game changer. Smart techniques are those who are different form 90% population of world. Smart techniques are done by those who are like scientist, politician, or the software developer  

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