5 Blockbuster Movies Story Copied From Hollywood

Bollywood movies stories are most famous and the successful in among all over world. 5 Blockbuster Movies Story Copied From Hollywood are given below then you will find it very strange even i also find shocked to hear about it. All over world now talking about the Bollywood stories and style of movie making.  whether it is about Body transformation, acting, songs, shooting places, shooting techniques etc. in every place now the bollywood is near to number one.

  • Bollywood is that famous till date none of president have praise other countries Film industries of their work but recently the U.S president Donald Trump talking about Bollywood films i.e sholey, DDLJ many more which really good stories at their time and proven blockbuster films. but now a days if you can see the many movies are copies from hollywood which we think it not happen earlier in bollywood. Also at this time you are agree with my statement that earlier in bollywood it won’t happen. but let me tell you the things hollywood stories and songs tune stolen or remake by the bollywood many time and from long ago
  • And we people have no idea about it because we are not watching the hollywood films frequently as compare to bollywood. Here are some examples.

Noting Hill Vs Hamko diwana Kar Gaye:

Both movies has same stories and the screenplay if you can see you will find the both movies are 90% same only climax of Humko diwana kar gaye is somthing diffrent Which create the bollywood best also bollywood have to maintain their culture in movies

Hitch Vs Partner:

Partner is perform by Hollywood salman khan Will Smith. both the movies are 100% match with each other. each scene you will find same accept some comedy of rajpal yadav.

Liar Liar Vs Kyu ki main juth nahi Bolta:


Govinda did really good job in this movie which copied from Liar Liar. but really both the movies have same concept and almost 80% match.


Dostana Vs Now I Pronounce you Chuck and larry:

Once again the block buster movie Dostana is copied by the bollywood with Chuck and larry. both movies almost 80% match with each other.


U, Me Aur Hum VS Note Book:

Ajay devgan and kajol also perform in copied movie but Note book is the better played roll by alls the cast. it is almost 90%.You won’t believe last surprise i will give you also i won’t believe once i see the movie are the story same of the following movie


Dil hai ki maanta nahi Vs It happened one night:

Amir khan is not like that worked on reuse script. But it found i thind early stage of his life he compromise. but near to impossible that amir do this thing. Almost movie match with 70%.

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