How To Lose Weight?| Easy Weight Lose Techniques

Obesity is the most worried thing in the world. Now a days weight gain is the famous problem in all over world. Already life style of people very busy and they don’t have the time for their health. But due to covid-19 and lock down condition those all lazy people don’t have excuse. But due no work or work from home people are being lazy.

No body can give any excuse now a days that they don’t have a time but as a human being we have to give the excuse because of the lazy nature by default we have. But I have to say some people want to loos their weight and they want to be but they want easy techniques .

Some easy techniques we found and also adopted it. its really very good and effective.

  1. Intermittent fasting technique to loose weight
  2. Four time breakfast technique to loose weight
  3. One time meal technique to loose weight
  4. Exercise and Yoga techniques to loose weight
  5. Running and Walking techniques to loose weight

Intermittent fasting technique to loose weight

Intermittent fasting means one day food other day fasting. In week you have to chose days when you want done fasting. At least  3 days in week you have to do the fasting. This Intermittent fasting is done other way also. In day you have to eat one time in a day only, rest of the day only liquid. this type of fasting is really effected on your weight. And you will loose your weight in a month approximately 10 to 15 kg. Also you can do the fasting of 18 hours in a day.

Four time breakfast technique to loose weight

Four time breakfast techniques not that famous weight loose techniques because it is not possible to every one in daily routeen. Workman who are working at office, factory or shop will not adopt this technique. Only those man who has the profession of  gym trainer, actor, actress, or those who don’t have any work. those can only implement this technique because it need too much time and concentrate on the meal or breakfast which you are taking four time in a day.

One time meal technique to loose weight

one time meal technique actually work i personally done this on me and it is effective technique. In this technique you have to eat only once in a day or  you have to eat with the interval of at least 16 hours. After one time eating if you are hungry you can take liquid i.e.  lemon juice, or lemon tea etc. This technique is very easy to take in daily routeen.  In a week you can loose at least 3-4 kg instant. but after that you have to customize your meal. After that meal should be healthy. In a month you will get the results of weight loose.

Exercise and Yoga techniques to loose weight

Exercise and yoga technique is good and famous techniques. All over world promote this technique. jogging, walking, running, workout, yoga technique are very useful to loose weight. Indians develop the yoga techniques people of the world now accept it. Scientifically proven that whoever done yoga his/her life will be more than the average person.

Running and walking techniques to loose weight

For weight loose running and walking is the most easy technique in all other techniques. No other work or bothering you have to take only running and walking time you have to find out for 2 hours. You will always fit and no body can stop you to look healthy.

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