Bollywood Roadblocks For New Talents

Every year you won’t believe more than 15000 movies release in all over world. Theater will have to chosen sometime which movie can be goes the best and from which the theater owners can make money. It is not only film make have the risk to release the movie also once the movie sell to theater owner it is risk of that particular. You can find out most interesting thing if Theater owner have more than 2-5 option and he has to select on the basis of casting of the movie they really don’t want to select but due to risk they have to choosy.

So RIP Shushant singh rajput and other new bollywood actor and actress not only the road block of star kids and star actor but also the total chain of the film industries can be the road block some time.

The covid-19 Lock down learn us how valuable the  time is but it also learn the how to behave. After the Covid-19 it leans to all bollywood and others that if movie is releasing on web directly on home then these theater owner and the chain of the bollywood  can not stop the new talent become the star.

New Generation ,IT field, web portal like netflix, hotstar, amazon prime, ullu, Mx player, youtube etc will change the launching of movies on theater. You can watch movie directly on your mobile whoever’s movie you want to see. No roadblocks in between you and the talent.

though Bollywood can crate something to be corrupted and how it can be more difficult for new beginners. But it is real time opportunity for all new generation to show the talent to world. No one can stop all new Beginners whether it may actor, director,  Story writer.

Thanks to Covid-19 not about its no-mercy but about it learning things. People have to learn  something from it. No body have to loose their hope about  life whether life is too crual.

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