Singpost Product and Services

Singpost is the only postal service available in Singapore and it will be provide the best level of service in all over the world. There are Following type of the singpost services are available from which you can chose your type of service to send the mail or parcel how fast. The Different types of the service have the diffrent type of package of the price and service terms which are preferred by customer to customer.

Singpost have all kind of product which they have mode for its user for their convenient. There are 10 postal services Offred by the Singaosre Postal service.

  1. Singpost Basic Mail
  2. Singpost Basic mail (Non Standard)
  3. Singpost Basic package
  4. Singpost Registered service
  5. Singpost Tracked mail
  6. Singpost Tracked Package
  7. Singpost Poly M
  8. Singpost Smartpac
  9. Singpost Speedpost Express
  10. Singpost Speedpost Standard

Singpost Basic Mail

What is Singpost basic mail means?

Singpost basic mail is the best option to send the gift, parcel, small couriers, papers, letters etc within Singapore. Also it is called most efficient and low cost mail service by the Singapore postal service.

What is Singpost Basic mail delivery times?

Singpost Basic mail delivery time for
For Printed Paper and Small parcel in 2 Business day
letter or mail in 1 business day

What is difference between Singpost Basic mail Standard and Non-standard?

Singpost Basic mail standard service and non standard service is nothing but difference of the delivery time of non standard basic mail. Singpost Non standard basic mail service is delivering the package in minimum 2 working days

Singpost Basic Mail Standard items have some condition which you have to follow

  • Standard envelope sizes are C4, C5, C6 and DL or specified Standard Mail sizes.
  • Colour of the mail Should be White and light.
  • The mail Should be Perfectly sealed.

Singpost Basic Mail Non-Standard items have some condition which you have to follow

  • Paper based mail items that include but are not limited to annual reports, direct mail, books, catalogues, newspapers and periodicals.
  • Mail items in envelope form thicker than 14mm but within 324mm x 229mm x 65mm.
  • Mail items must not exceed the maximum dimension of 324mm (length) x 229mm (width) x 65mm(height) and weighing not more than 500g.
  • For mail items that exceed 500g, and/or exceed 324mm (length) x 229mm (width) x 65mm (height), Speedpost rates will apply with handling fee of $1.07.
  • Mail items smaller than 140mm x 90mm x 0.2mm and lighter than 2g.

Singpost Basic package

What is Singpost basic package means?

Singpost basic package is just a part of the Singpost basic mail service. It is delivering the same kind of product i.e. mail, small parcel, Printed paper. Singpost Basic package is using for specially the small parcel services.

What is Singpost Basic package delivery times?

Singpost Basic package delivery time is the same minimum 2 business days from the date of package send to the postal area.

What is Singpost service time?

Singpost Basic Mail Standard, Singpost basic mail Non standard and Singpost basic package service timing are the same.

Within CBD (Central Business District ) timing is
Monday to Thursday -Till 7pm,
Friday- 8pm,
Saturday-Sunday-Public Holiday- Off

Outside CBD (Central Business District ) timing is
Monday to Thursday -Till 5pm,
Friday- 6pm,
Saturday-Sunday-Public Holiday- Off

Singpost Registered service

What is Singpost registered Service?

Singpost Registered service is most economical and reliable delivery service by the Singapore post service for the weight of the parcel up to 500grm only. Whichever parcel and the courier or mail the weight is less then 500grm are best serve by the Singpost registered service

What is Singpost registered Service Price?

Singpost Registered Service price is Basic Mail Rates + S$2.24 Extra

What is Singpost registered Service Delivery time?

Delivery time for the Singpost Registered service is Minimum 2 Business days.

Note: Singpost Registered service don not provide the tracking service of the package.

Singpost Tracked mail

What is Singpost Tracked mail means?

Singpost tracked mail service means the letter, mail, Courier and printed paper weight less then or equal to 500 gm. You can say it is the same as Singpost registered service but you can track it online. This is the only difference between Singpost tracked mail and Singpost Registered mail

What is Singpost mail Price?

Singpost Tracked mail Price as follows.
20 gm= $2.55
40gm = $2.65
100g = $2.85
250g = $3.15
500g = $3.40

Maximum Weight Limit and Max Dimensions:
324mm x 229mm x 65mm

How the Singpost track mail/parcel Work?

Singpost tracked mail service have following steps to get the service online.


Book your shipment on or head down to any Post Office


Follow the steps on Easy2ship and Drop your mail over the counter at any Post Office


Sender and the receiver will receive an SMS when the mail has been delivered to singpost letterbox

Singpost Tracked Package

  • Singpost Tracked package is most convenient and affordable local Delivery service for the parcel up to 2kg weight.
  • Also that packaged will be directly delivered to the letter box
Here the rates are after the singpost basic mail charges

Singpost Poly M

What is Sinpost Poly M meaning?

Singpost Poly M Service meaning the Local post and already paid packaging of the parcel they can directly delivered. Also Poly M Service is easy to use and safe. Low cost Poly M is free packaging and directly send to the letterbox
Singpost Poly M is the latest product introduce by the Singapore post from which if user using Poly M service all the postage stamped paid already at the time of sending the package. you need not to pay for the postage stamp.
Also Singpost Poly M packaging is looking different from the normal post.

Singpost Poly M Prices after the Basic mail prices Delivery Within 2 Working Days Up to 2 kg with POLY M packing

Singpost Smartpac

What is Singpost Smartpac?

Singpost Smartpac is the same the paid service like Poly M. Smartpac offer the Free packaging, Free Postage, Delivery service to the letterbox with its attractive label packing.
If user is using Singpost Smartpac service so no need to worry about the packaging of the mail or parcel and the Postage stamp cost.

Singpost Smartpac service is also used upto 2kg weight

Singpost Speedpost Express

What is Singpost Speedpost Express?

Singpost Speedpost Express is the fastest and value for money service provided by the singapore post. It will delivered the parcel extremely fast and at your door.
The Singpost Speedpost Express service if used by the user then the collection and delivery both done at your door user no need to go to the postal office of singapore.

What is Singpost Speedpost Express delivery time?

Singpost speedpost Express service delivery time is Within 2 hours only

What are the Features of Singpost Speedpost Express?

Fastest doorstep collection and delivery
Web & Mobile Tracking
Free Courier Pick-up from your doorstep

What are the Compensation of Singpost Speedpost Express?

Up to 150$ Compensation given by the singapore post if you are using the Singpost Speedpost Express service

How to Book Singpost Speedpost Express?

You can book singpost speedpost express service by
Online via ezy2ship
Hotline @ 1800 222 5777

Singpost Speedpost Standard

What is Singpost Speedpost Standard?

Singpost Speedpost Standard is the same as the Singpost Speedpost Express. Both have the same features and the compansation terms only delivery time is different singpost speedpost standard will delivered the package in 1 business day.

What is the Diffrence Between Speedpost Standard & Speedpost Express?

There are mainly two difference between Speedpost Express and Speedpost Standard.
Delivery time
Speedpost Express within 2 Working Hours
Speedpost Standard within 1 working day

You can book the speedpost standard at the Post office as well

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